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See what we have been up to lately (only good things of course) - here are some of our latest and greatest works. If you want to see more go to our SHOWOFF page for our complete portfolio

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It's nice to meet you. We are LoveBurd. We are a pair of talented designers, who love being creative. We may be small in size (there are only two of us) but we are big on creativity (two heads are better than one). We love doing new and interesting work and we are multi-talented. We specialise in making things look beautiful. We design anything that can be designed - you name it and we can make it look like a million bucks. Do you need more of the development and technical stuff? We are pretty talented in that area too. But in case you need something extra special that we don't do, we have our trusted go to people that are available to help us out at a moments notice.






As we may have mentioned before, we are talented. We have years of experience and we are dedicated to our work. So what can we do? Our talents are too many to name - but here are a few anyway.





What we love


We love dressing up our office pig


We love dressing up our office pig. Her name is Pantouf, which is French. She loves food, fashion, food, comfy beds and pretty polka dots. She doesn't wear stripes though – they make her look fat…

What we love at LoveBurd



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What we love at LoveBurd