Handcrafted products for your pets

Love Pets creates handcrafted products from up-cycled materials for your favourite animal friends. Our products include: gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, comfortable beds. Crazy cosy blankets made from pre-loved materials. Bowls for food and water and storage jars. Original toys, collars, leads and accessories that will help your pet stand out in a crowd.

We are doing our bit to help solve the waste issue and save the planet by up-cycling and we support local charities by buying a lot of our raw materials from charity shops. We turn old things into amazing new things for your pets which are affordable, quirky, beautiful and useful.

The love collection

We explode with artistic energy and are driven by a need to create. Which is why we have extended our website to include more of our unique creations and new services. Explore all of our work:

LOVE BURD: Our special skills are design, layout, illustration and concept creation. Browse our work and find out more about how we operate.

LOVE ART: Featuring original art from prints and paintings to illustrations and ceramics. Browse and buy – we offer shipping at very reasonable rates.

LOVE BOOKS: We have written and self-published a number of children’s books and offer this book creation skill as a service you could use for your business to create some very interesting corporate gifts.

LOVE PETS: We love our pets and we love the idea of using discarded items and giving them new life. Up-cycling helps the environment by reducing waste, and we turn old unwanted items into pet beds, toys, and other easy-to-love items.

LOVE SOCIAL: We create beautiful content for your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Browse our packages and create a bundle that suits your needs and budget. We also offer social media account management for the content we create for you – posting the photos and videos with relevant hashtags to attract attention to your business.